The Event Ready Checklist

Learn the top 15 things you need to do BEFORE you start planning an event.

Save yourself from the heartache of learning the hard way what you should have done first.

Be setup for event success from the very start!

What You'll Get

Proven Strategies

How did the highest revenue producing gurus, coaches, and consultants put on such successful event? One characteristic they all share is they start planning for their events the right way. In this checklist, you’ll discover what you need to do and prepare so you can create a successful event that helps others and leaves a lasting impact.

Step by Step Instructions

Finding success with events takes commitment and time. This checklist includes examples, explanations, and simple methods that will help you be prepared to start marketing and planning for your event.

More Resources

By downloading this checklist, you’ll also receive more resources to support you on your journey to creating an impactful and successful event. Get exclusive access to additional content and discover tips and stories from our growing community of successful event host.  

"I could have never created a $50,000+ small event had I not had Alexis & Aaron running my event, creating my marketing, and making sure that everything was taken care of! I can't thank them enough. I so appreciate the extra effort and A+ service to keep me on track."


Download the free checklist today to start creating events that will change your life.

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